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Being sick sucks alot of monkey nuts.

Anyways. Now that I'm finally a bit better, I found that there is an Ogre Wrapper for C#. As Irrlicht isn't as far along as I had hoped, this is great for me; because I originally wanted Ogre.

In further news. I've decided to switch from a full 3D layout to a 3D World with 2D billboarded sprites (see screenshot 'A' (taken from Ragnarok Online) below). This should cut down on the production time for assets by quite a bit, as well as reduce the amount of work I would have to do for model animations and the like.

Essentially, I'm left with roughly 3 months to get this into a somewhat polished state for the competition in my C# class at school. If I buckle down, I should do fairly well.

I've also decided to use Lua to handle the brunt of the scripting in the game, which should also help my teammate balance the load with myself. That being said. If anyone knows of a 2D sprite artist that would be willing to produce a few sprites for free to help me get something decent as a placeholder, it would be GREATLY appreciated. Cheers :)

Screenshot A:
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You know I was going to suggest having a look at Tao which was a port of Ogre to C# but it appears to have dissapeared ... as does Axiom which was another C# Ogre 3D Engine.

The only thing I could find was this http://realmforge.com/ which claims it uses Axiom but the link to the Axiom page is dead. Still very pretty graphics :D

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Yeah, Axiom has been integrated into Realm Forge. I'm going to be wrapping the C++ version of Ogre and using it in C#. Already got most of it setup :).

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I think what Balaam was trying to say was:
  • Realmforge is a C# engine that took over Axiom (the C# port of Ogre).
  • The Tao Framework are .NET bindings to libraries like OpenGL, ODE, etc.
  • OgreDotNet provides .NET bindings to Ogre as opposed to a port to C#. It's not completely functional yet.

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Yeah, I understood :).

Thanks for that extra bit about OgreDotNet. I was a bit disappointed this morning when I found out it wasn't completely functional, but hey, beggars can't be choosers, eh? I certainly can't complain, as I'm not willing to put in the effort to help the ODN team out at this point and time.

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