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The Beginning is the Middle...

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I've been meaning to get round to starting this off for some time now.

Over the past month or so, I've been recruiting heavily for the Primogen project, a suite of cross-platform libraries, tools, assets and utilities for building small to medium scale MMO games.

I've been working on this project myself for a lot longer, pretty much starting when I left Warhammer Online, initially as a self contained game project (Bloodspear - http://www.bloodspear.co.uk) but eventually abstracting out the code into a number of DLLs / SOs so further games could be developed. This objective also led to the idea of producing tools for creating such worlds with a minimum of asset production.

Recruiting's gone pretty well, and we now have people working on asset packs, working on terrain (including some specialised algorithms tied to the asset pipeline) and toolset.

I've found it a bit surprising that so few programmers or artists have applied to join the team. I have many composers though, all of incredibly high standard. Competition in that field must be intense. Time will tell, and more will undoubtedly join up once there are some examples on the web.

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Here, have a peace of +.

I am glad that you were able to find help, your persevearance deserved to be rewarded. Also, anyone who is able to mine help from the help wanted forum must be quite talented and deserves to be commended. I truly hope the best for your project.

P.S. you worked on Warhammer Online!?

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Thanks for the support.

Yeah, I worked on Warhammer Online, primarily when it was the battles game, and for a while afterwards. Things got a bit... messy.

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