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Spammers must die!

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Spammers are bad for the people they spam, right?

But they've also broken into a server I run. At least, not really "broken in", rather used a rather lame vulnerability in a common open source (rather low quality) web app which we happen to run, to send spam.

This means that our server has been sending spam. Hurrah.

And they've used a robot which uses random proxies, so we can't localise them.

It's an app I don't have the time or inclination to fix, therefore, the contact form will be off limits for ever more, henceforth. My clients will get annoyed and complain.

Result = spammers are evil, and must die.

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Damn those spammers. I keep getting delivery error receipts showing that someone is spoofing my email address ot send out spam too. I know how you feel - they ARE evil.

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