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Day 3 of Development

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Trapper Zoid


I managed to get a bit more done on The Amazing Aquatic Adventures of Pierre Poisson: Oceanographer Extraordinaire! yesterday. Features implemented include:
  • You can now collect fishies! My game is now valid for the theme of the competition!
  • Added "seedweed" as an obstacle
  • Added sound and music support through FMOD
  • Wrote two pieces of music. There's rather average at the moment, but it does add something to the game

What I still have to do today:
  • Add in the "fiendlyfish" as an enemy (I might have to think of a better name too)
  • Put in a start and end to the game, and make all the game states flow smoothly
  • Display the score
  • Put in a title screen
  • Put in a end screen
  • (optional)put in a high score
  • Help screens (may wait until tomorrow)

It's quite a lot to do, but I do have a fair amount of time today to work on it, so I'm expecting that in my next journal entry I'll be offering the alpha version of the game for download, so I can get some feedback.

However, even in this incomplete state, with no objectives, it is kind of fun steering the sub around the seedweed while the sea shanty music is playing in the background. I also think the funky hand-drawn graphics are cute too.

Screenshot of the game at current state
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Lookin' good, I'll keep an eye out for that alpha version. I dunno about the catchiness of that title though, it's a bit of a mouthful. [lol]

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This is great, I've read your entire journal in the last couple of days.

I must agree that I have the very same problem of focus that you have, I'm still in the stage of "I want to create my first game", (and when I say first here is like getting something on the screen and control it).

I'll keep an eye on your progress, and try to focus on my progress too.

Good luck!

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