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I sit on acid

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Updates in the world of Ravuya:

Freezer 2: I made a patch just now to make the dragging work better, and the game is more fun as a result. Also, I managed to get a 36-count combo rampaging through the map, which charged my health to the point that even three cops couldn't take me down. Fun! The engine can also pre-load some things from a configuration file, so you can (for example) tell it to go into full screen mode. I might add an Options panel that will write things to this file soon. I did some bug fixing. I got about 1500+ FPS under Linux on my 6600GT (phoaaaar).

Hardware-Software course: I made a VESA handler that runs really fast, has cursors and draws rectangles and buttons. [grin] I think my team-mates will be impressed.

Sloplifter: In the grand tradition of Jeff Minter, I'm going to produce a Rude Hardcore Sloplifter. So far, I have the hardcore (9X faster acceleration than regular Sloplifter), and will be recording terrible profanities to play back very soon. I may also add an option for playing on widescreen/HDTV resolutions.

F.A.R.T.: Ported it to Mac OS X. As soon as Laz gets back to me with an icon, we'll do a release. Runs great on my Powerbook.

Future Game: I really like Defender. Maybe with some deer. Defendeer?

It feels like I've been doing much more coding than I actually have been doing. If I remember anything else, I'll update the thread.
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