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So yeah... I'm Stuck.

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So after looking into Torque2d checking out a couple of other 2d engines. I finally decided that I didn't waste my money on T2D. It's actually a really cool engine, and once they release the next version (as it is still a early adopters release) it will be even better.

So now that I'm finally done reviewing the engine. I was going to throw a quick card game together to get to know the engine just a little bet better. But for some reason, I have no motivation when it comes to working on the card game.

So now I'm just going to start on my RPG. I'm dubbing it with the temporary, possibly the final name of Level Grind (LG). Only thing is I can't decide on how I would like the player to move around. I was originally thinking maybe it would be just one combat screen after another. But I do like exploration. So now I'm thinking maybe a top down view or maybe possibly side scrolling. The killing fields that you get to explore will be most likely randomly generated. I want to hear your guys suggestions on it, should be top down, side scrolling, or something different that I didn't think of.
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