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I'm back

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Sorry for my lack of updates, but I was pretty angry at myself, and didn't feel like programming all that much.

Why was I mad at myself you ask? Well, Mark and I worked our asses off trying to get Angels 20 ready for the IGF, but I'm worried that we broke more than we fixed.

We spent all of last Tuesday working on the game, all of school, and the rest of the day after that until 30 minutes before the deadline. There was so much that we added at the last minute and had no time to check, that I am worried that some game-ruining bug flew in with the changes. Maybe I'm worrying a little to much, but it really made me mad at myself for not working harder earlier.

Anyways, we entered the contest(2 seconds after the deadline[grin]), and we cant upload updates, so it's out of our hands now.

Anyways, I'm not touching Angels 20 for another week or two, I just can't bring myself to work, and the next big thing is more campaigns, which Mark is going to start on soon, but until then, no new features. I will however, upload the IGF version of the game sometime soon, and let you guys play it.

Angels 20 has taught me a lot of (hard-learned) lessons, and my next project will be much better programmed because of that.

Speaking of our next project, Mark wants to make a top-down Tank game, and he talked me into wanting to make it to(I wanted to do a sidescrolling platformer). Mark is a big tank guy, and knows the stats on every fricking tank ever made, so expect some cool looking pixel art from him.

Well, it's kind of late here, and I am sick (damn flu), so I'll talk to you guys later, and here's a screen of the tank games prototype (guess which one of us drew the images?)

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