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Yay banjo!

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Staffan E


Work is progressing well on the game. I've taken time to work out a first edition checklist for StarSmasha v0.10 which is supposed to be the first completely playable demo version.

*** StarSmasha version 0.10

** Checklist

x Able to draw sprites on screen of any size.
x Caching of sprites based on which are used most frequently.
x Support for sprite alpha.
x Support for distortion maps.
- Distortion maps that distorts one level of the final image but not things like GUI, cursor, etc.
- Support for animated sprites and interframe blending of sprite frames.
- Support for multiframe blending of full scene by storing past frames.
- Ability to reduce requirements by allowing effects to be left out.
- Support for fullscreen/window toggle.

x A list of commands is sent to the game loop every frame.
- Input supports immediate input, triggered input and console input.
- An externally created input cascade keeps track of what input is currently expected.
- Unify game command channel so that system and input commands use the same pipeline.

x Nested timespaces control time for all time-dependant game objects. The root timespace updates the rest in falling order.

It feels great that although many features remain unimplemented I do have ideas for them all and by simply having them written out in consitency the work seems half done already. We'll see how well that will match reality.
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