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Get it while it's lukewarm...

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I uploaded a first try at the Windows port of my level editor to my website, there is a link to it in my update post for July 31. I can't promise how stable it is (it's been tested by only one other person right now, Washu) so use at your own risk. I also can't say how long it'll stick around either, so get it while you can. If you want it. It is very rough, nowhere near feature complete, and has a few quirks, but it works. Details on usage can be found in the file README.txt. I won't post a direct link to the archive file here, to avoid littering my journal with a link that will probably be dead before too long...

For those not curious enough to download it, you can see a screenshot (Linux version) here. Contrast it with the old FLTK version.

Still anxiously awaiting that new Blender release. Only a couple more days...
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