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So I spent most of the day first looking at OgreDotNet.. then realizing there were a few big issues with it, which are preventing me from wanting to use it for my project. So I then spent quite a few hours looking at other C# engines or engines with C# ports. The ones I remember looking at are Irrlicht.Net (nothing different from last time.. few things prevent me from wanting to use it), TrueVision3D (only looked at a few examples, it doesn't seem too organized, and costs 150), RealmForge GDK (seems too much packaged together for what I want, which is just a rendering engine). So I'm going to look around a bit more.

I may end up sticking with TrueVision3D.

Any suggestions?

Edit: I did some more research into RealmForge GDK... Axiom is incorporated into their engine, but is also maintained separately, so it looks like I may end up using that. It's not as fully featured as Ogre, but for my project I certainly won't need all of the uber bells and whistles. After I setup a test project with Axiom I'll make my final decision and get a very simple battlefield into a test project using terrain.

Cheers :)
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