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I love STL

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Hey everyone!

I got alot done today, and I'm anxious to go through it all,so here it goes.

Today I used the Standard Template Library for the first time in a game of mine, and I am really impressed, I don't know how I got along without it.

The big thing I am excited about for today was the tile creation scheme I came up with. In retrospect, one of the biggest bottlenecks Mark and I encountered with Angels 20 was he fact that in order to add a texture or a tile to the game, Mark had to tell me what he wanted and I had to code it in. For our next project however, I want Mark to be able to add tiles, textures, and new enemies to the game without me having to hardcode all the stuff into the game, so I sat down and wrote up some little scripts that are used to define tile types in the game. The scripts consist of:

texture name
is the tile walkable?
is the tile passable by a bullet?
does the tile hurt the player?

Then, the game loads up this information, and uses it to set up the map, which is saved in a different file. This technique gives Mark and I a lot more freedom when creating levels, and really gives the engine an easily moddable interface.

Oh yeah, Mark drew up a quick tank and grass texture to see how it looks, I think it's cool, but you be the judge:

Anyways, it's late, and I have school tomorrow, so I will talk to you guys later!
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