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Production work sucks...

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I have new respect for producers and leads in the industry now.

Having to recruit, issue tasks, evaluate incoming work and provide feedback, and put together specifications for everything from packs of medieval furniture to music for cyberpunk style RPGs is really eating into my time and patience. It seems like theres a huge mass of work to do in just getting other people to do work! I'd really like to get on with the library code today, but I don't think it's gonna happen. (sigh) And it's getting harder as the team gets bigger.

That said, my partner's been really supportive. She doesn't let me work late (too much), or at weekends (again, too much) so I've kept going on this project much more easily and I get to have quality time with the kids. Burn out seems to be a distant memory, which is nice. I do still keep estimating time based on my old habit of working 18 hour days on things, but I guess I'll adjust.

Well, best crack on with it. Salutes to all those who run large teams on complex projects. It's tougher than people think.

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Dude I am in the same boat. I feel you. The last couple of weeks have been spent ( feels like wasted ), speccing out models, textures, levels, props, sounds, etc.

Even what little code I wrote was lame - just getting things working again with oct 05 sdk...

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Luckily, I haven't touched DX in months and months.
Mostly I've been working on networking, encryption and other console-based tasks. Boring, but necessary. I've just taken on a couple of programmers who'll be working with asset interfaces implementation (we have some cool tricks to include with the codebase) so the good old SDK revisions might affect them.
Then again, we're using Ogre as a rendering platform, and they generally update it quickly so providing we can work with Ogre we should be fine.

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Welcome to Journal land! ..sorry I missed your first entry. Have some + as a greet present :)

Wishing you good luck - it is indeed not easy but, at least with a great partner, things are kept in perspective more easily ;)

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Hay _winterdyne_ good to see you here! I look forward to your future entries. The production side of thing is already taking more than half my time, and i'm only running a team of six. I'm ceratain the answer lies in more technology (better CVS, Wikis, Forums, Bug trackers) except I spend most of my time setting up and maintaining them! /rant. Ah, that feels better [smile]

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