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College is going pretty good, but I think I'm going to have to transfer. Westwood is really good, but my parent's credit won't hold up for another $11,400 loan. So, unless I can get a really good job, I'll probably be transfering to Baker's online computer science degree (which would probably be better for me anyway).

Other than that life totally sucks :). I just spent an hour tracking down a bug that was causing my textures to be off-color. Come to find out that I wasn't assigning the diffuse color. Anybody see anything wrong with this:

void SetDiffuse(unsigned int nDiffuse)

I have to burn my bed and buy a new one because of my friend's nasty friend. I let him sleep in my bed and when I went to go to sleep the following night, I found out that my pillow was covered in "white stuff", I wonder what it could be?

Aside from that I got jewed out of my xbox 360, my car is broken, my garage door is broken, and I have to get up in the mornings at 6:45 (after going to bed at 4) so that I can take my new roommate to work.

But, I did just make 700 dollars (~250 of it was from actual work, and ~450 of it was for open house, and the other 100 was from bagging leaves (we filled over 35 of the 30 gallon bags)). So, I'm getting a new 27" flat screen tv and some new power tools.

Does anybody know where I could get some 3D models (they don't have to be detailed or anything) for a game like Champions of Norrath: Return to Arms? The game I'm working on is going to be similiar to that.

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You can't afford school, your car is broken and your garage door is broken so you're going to buy a new TV?

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Its not my car or my garage door, so I'm not going to pay to fix it, but $200 dollars (although it would help) isn't going to help very much toward college.

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