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Slowly moving towards the next project...

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Trapper Zoid


I've had some rest now, and my mind state has returned from "gibbering maniac" to "crackpot eccentric" (my usual state of mind), so I hope I didn't post anything too insane while bits of my brain were malfunctioning. At least it wasn't as bad as crunch time last year where my brain forgot how to read English...

Last night I played a bit of "Pierre and the Fish" without the stress, and while I feel a bit self-conscious promoting my own work; the game did end up a lot of fun. I ended up playing for ages trying to beat my high score. There's a bunch of little details that I'd like to fix over the course of the next week (at a leisurely pace), then I'll release a final version.

However, I'm pleased to discover that "Pierre and the Fish" actually satifies my objectives for Project Nova and game development in 2005, which was to release a fun game to the public that I'm happy with. Consequently Project Nova is now redundant, and I'll stop working on it (frankly I was getting sick of it; the abstract graphics aren't as fun to me as those cutesy bitmaps). Instead I'll spend some time this week planning for my next stage, which I haven't decided on yet. I'm going to slightly tweak the plan I came up with at the start of this journal to see if I can come up with something more appropriate. The goal now is to work towards my objective for 2006; to sell a game.

If there's any comments for things you like about "Pierre and the Fish", or little things that I could do to improve it for the final release (the game certainly isn't perfect), then I'd be happy to read them.
Addition: Just thought: is the GD Showcase the right sort of place for the final version?
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Yes, put it in the showcase.

My suggestions for the final version:
- On/off toggle for music
- Include a pause function
- Make the "X" button work in windowed mode

Good work meeting your goal, I like the game. [smile]

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All those three things are already on my list [smile].
I'm also going to try and figure out how to get it working in 16 bbp mode, and see if I can work out how to make an icon for the executable (for some reason, I've never learnt how to do that; probably because I've never coded anything for release before).

Thanks again. It's really good to know that people like the game!

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I'm not sure how many people noticed that effect [grin]. I thought it was pretty cool. I was planning on having different "fishie" species deeper down that were worth more points in the original design, but I scrapped it when as I was running out of time.

There's no bottom, by the way, so don't bother trying to find it [smile]. Maybe if you go too deep I should just output "It is dark. You are likely to be eaten by a grue."

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Heh, when I realised it was getting darker I decided to see if there was a bottom, that's how those screenshots came about. [grin]

I don't know if it was just a fluke, but there seemed to be more seedweed down there. I like the idea of perhaps having some different kinds of fishies, maybe it's something to consider for the final version.

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