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Doing a quick tally, it looks like I will be doing a Solaris install. Probably as a mini-project over Thanksgiving vacation.
(1765 < 1767, sorry Hylix, should get your rating up)
I'll be doing a nice photo shoot w/ stuff about the install and other various things, and do up a review. Expect it sometime this coming Sunday.

Also, wanted to drop this in really quick. Insurance needs of independent developers.

Other then that, I've been very busy, and didn't have time to get any programming done this weekend in my own intrest, I'll try to get something w/ a bit more juice up here on Tuesday. I'll be going to bed when I get home.
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I just realised I hadn't rated Rayuva up, when I really should have. Now the scores are 1769 to 1767. Does that affect your decision? [grin]

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I'd use the decision making method I use when having to pick between two choices.
  • Flip a coin
  • Yell at the coin for landing the wrong way
  • Ignore the coin and just follow my gut instincts

Works well for me [wink].

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Lol, sounds about right.

I actually asked Washu, and he had a good suggestion to try it, and I may just like it. If I don't, it won't be much of a lost.

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Well I've submitted the form to gain a 1 License of Solaris 10 for x86. I'm supposed to get a response in 24 hrs. Just prepping for the time I have off for turkey day.

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