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Some things just can't be kept secret...

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I guess our software messed up and linked to our upcoming new design in an email. Oops! We actually showed it off at our booth at the Austin Game Conference with excellent response. It's really nothing more than a facelift to the interface. All the backend is the same, and for the forums in particular it's nothing more than a new theme. Might as well take a look at it and get used to it, as it's coming soon to a GameDev.net near you:


And yes, we do plan to provide alternate and classic themes for those who just can't part with the 1990's dark, gothic theme. These alternates just won't be available for a little while longer.

In the meantime we will be keeping this current site as the www2 when the current www2 site becomes the current (www), so people who can't stand the change can view GDNet in its classic form.

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cool! Maybe the color is a little too light for me but that could be because I'm used to this dark blue.

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Very nice, Washu let it slip accidently in the IRC channel awhile back when linking something. Big fan of the design. Can't wait for it to replace the old one for other users.

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I've been using the www2 one for a month or so now, I like it - Congrats/"nice one!" to whomever put the work into implementing it.

Can you elaborate on why you decided to implement an "inverse" colour scheme?

Is it part of trying to attract more people to the site, or was it just a convenient by-product of rearranging the links/icons/layout?

Just curious [smile]


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I definetly like the existing color scheme better (I also like black t-shirts, so I guess you could draw a connection :D) I'm glad you will be providing an alternate scheme for those of us that like a darker feel, I visit this site probably 25-50 times daily so the color is pretty important to me. =D

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Is there a particular reason we still have that column of postage-stamp ads? One's for Flipcode, and one's for us, for cryin' out loud!

Yeesh those things are ugly.

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