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I'm going to see family for Thanksgiving, so no updates until early December, most likely.

I have been doing tons of producer, business and other tasks over the past couple of weeks, but today I wrote a tiny bit of code : I fixed the smoke growing behavior.

As of this morning each puff of smoke was a sphere that would grow linearly over time, and attempt to rise due to negative gravity. This had problems in tight corners, because the spheres were rigid and would refuse to be embedded in another object. This was especially bad if the sphere were stuck at one size, and then tried to grow even more, and it could cause the smoke puff to squirt out elsewhere.

So, I changed it so that I track the individual radii for each puff, and only allow the puff to grow on physics frames where it doesn't touch anything. While writing this post, I realized that I was letting the smoke snap to the largest possible size based on time, and not tracking the grow amount properly. This is now fixed.

This has the effect of not letting the smoke wierd out, and also letting it effectively stay compressed against a wall or something else it's being forced against due to negative gravity or the wind.

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In the second shot why is it that one half-shadow is darker than the other half?
Off-topic: will you be back to CA anytime before Tuesday or Wednesday after Thanksgiving?

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Looking good as always [grin]

Given that you (appear to) be doing less coding and more business lately, any chance of covering some of that stuff in your journal? might not yield lots of pretty pictures... but it's still an interesting part of the game development cycle..

Enjoy thanksgiving (or whatever that thing is all about)

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In the second shot why is it that one half-shadow is darker than the other half?

There're two lights affecting the character; the darker part has zero of the two lights affecting it.

With respect to the particles, you should probably fix the alpha of the smoke. Also, what's the possibility of having translucent shadow maps, at least as an extra graphics option?

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