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Make files

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Will F


My project is getting large enough that I wanted to split the source files into different directories. So I finally got around to reading the man/info pages for make, so I could figure out how to run it recursively in all the directories. Long story short, make seems to have a few arbitrary and arcane commands/rules that aren't for the faint of heart.

Don't get me wrong, I like make, but apps like it don't help *nix adoption rates. Yes, it's really powerful once you get a handle on it - but I don't see how someone who has never used a command line is going to get the hang of it before switching back to windows.

I'm also thinking about taking a look at the auto tools (eg. automake), but I realized that for my needs I probably could have whipped up a shell script for my builds in less time than I spent reading make's docs.

Also got the 3ds loader mostly done. I can now display a textured model with correct materials. Still need to write some code for calculating normals for lighting, getting a bounding box, animation, and a few other things.
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