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Actors and Structures And Items OH MY! =D

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Above you see a composited image of 3 different models, I will be using these 3 models along with a set of goals to implment new functionality into the engine.

In MW you could only take things that were on the ground, this is acceptable in an RPG, wherein you have a little leeway on reality that is made up with fighting.

For Project2 (and the S3 engine as a whole) items can 'technically' be any object, a cup on a table, somthing lying on a bed, etc.

each tile in the game has certain layer classifications.

0. base layer (this is the tile texture)
1. furnishings layer (a list of overlayable furnishings)
2. actor layer (this is where characters and other such moving things reside)

the furnishings layer can be composed of either standard Entities or Structures

A structure is a non-interactive 'dumb' mono-animatable thing with a displacement (a table is a good example)

A general entity can be interactive (clickable) has a script bound to it, raises events on the script, multi-animatable, with displacement, and can be lit and can be an audio source (a lamp that you can turn on and turn off is a good example)

A general entity can also be 'taken' when their onClick handler uses //take(this); (an example is a coffee cup)
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Will that light example be possible? Did you predraw how the light would illuminate the table and cast shadows?

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the lamp object will be en entity, which means it can be lit.

so it will have a script tableLamp1.script

which will handle onClick, and keep an internal state about if it is on or off.

When the lamp is flicked on, it will set it's local light power to 0, then turn the light on, and ramp up the power to some value we set. (and the opposite if it is flicked off)

this light will then iluminate the neighboring verticies *on the terrain* so it will illuminate the nearby objects. Of course since these objects are 2D images it wont be as 'detailed' as a fully 3D scene. we definetly wont have 'what this table will look like when lit from somthing' specialized images, doing so would be an incredible memory and art overhead, and would ultimently limit the flexibility of the engine (being able to dynamically light a scene) instead images are brightended or darkned in accordance with the terrain they sit on.

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