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Websense at work is becoming increasingly more anal about what they let me see... soon there will be nought but darkness...

I've just spent a few days rewriting one of the slowest yet most crucial parts of our DB System... It's now 2.5x faster than the original and does the work of 6 batched cursors in a single set. HOORAY.

Just about to book a trip to SYDNEY in April. HOORAY.

PS: stfu
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PS: stfu

lol stfu n00b


Sydney, eh? Sounds like fun. Have a blast down there, and don't get so drunk you wake up with your arm around a kangaroo.

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Sydney, pfft... you should have gone somewhere cool, like Melbourne. [lol]

Your journal is having some kind of horrible battle with the new site layout btw, and my brain is a casualty.

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