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I am still alive

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But I've been too busy/lazy lately to updated my journal.
As the Xmas approaches, I have more work at my fulltime job, so I was more busy than usually.
While currently I make more money from EL than the 'fulltime' job, I do want to keep that job because:
1. It can get boring to stay home all day long.
2. Some extra source of income is always nice.
3. Some redundancy is good, in case El gets fucked up and we'll get no more money from it.

One of my recent hobbies is to buy broken/for parts stuff off Ebay, and repair them. I am not doing so because I don't have the money to buy the stuff new, but because I love to hack and pervert the broken items. For example, I got two broken portable DVD players (same model). One had the backlight fucked up (actually, the ivnerter was bad) and another one had the backlight and screen OK, but it suffered a big fall, so the mechanic part didn't work.
I combined them and got one working portable DVD player, and I have a spare LCD/controller board + an external inverter I got online (different model, won't fit in the case, but it works) that I am using as a very low resolution monitor.
I plan to make in a solar powered TV, although I can't find a suitable TV tuner. Very frustrating.

Now, what's good about broken items is that not only you learn a lot by playing with them, and get a huge feeling of satisfaction when you make them work, but you also don't feel guilty when you pervert them and use them for something else than what they were intended.
I mean, I would feel kind of guilty to buy a 200 USD DVD player and then convert it in a mere TV monitor, while using the DVD motors for some other project. Some people in other countries don't have money to buy food, and I waste money on shit like that...
Speaking of that, I decided to donate 1K USD to the Red Cross this December. I would feel bad not to, afterall this is the first year in my life when I can afford to buy some toys for me. So as the Universe took care of me, I should return the favour and help the less fortunate.

On the Eternal Lands front, I finished the shared vision stuff, and the preliminary tests indicate that it works fine. Of course, the testing was very limited, and there still might be problems, but as long as the server doesn't crash those problems are relatively minor. Afterall, it is not cucial to see every single animal and player that your guildmates see.
Nevertheless, it will not be implemented on the new server this year. It needs a client update, and for the time being our hands are tide behind our backs due to the fact that a finnish magazine that has EL on it's cover CD will come out on 10th of December, and I don't want to make the update before two weeks after that CD comes out (otherwise it would be rude to that magazine).

And now it seems that another magazine, from UK (www.linuxformat.co.uk) might put EL on their cover CD, so I have to see if/when they do that and plan the next update accordingly.

In the following days I will start implementing the random special days feature, described here.
That's easy to do, and won't require a client update either.

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how did you get the monitor of the dvd player to work for something else, mine has a five inch screen and i would like to use it for something else such as a tv. the connectors obviously dont connect to anything except what was in the player. can you help me out? my email address is kmcnich@gmail.com

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