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There's too many of them!!!

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Got the enemies working:

That's with only 30 enemies running, but it still looks like alot.

I got the book "Game Scripting Mastery" today. I haven't gotten very far in the book, but I like it immensaly so far. My only complaint is the fact that the sample code is a little hard for me to read, namely because it uses alot of C-string stuff. Although this isn't a big issue, I would rather see std::string being used in the example code. That's just me, though.
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Is Stompy 2 realtime, or turnbased? It looks like an extension of Invasion from the screens.

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It's Real-time. It's exactly like the first Stompy, except there are scrolling maps and more enemies and levels.

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I must learn to obtain that delicate balance of helping people and pissing people off so that I may obtain the rating of 1337!

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