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Total Revamp

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Wow. It's been a while since my last post and while I have no real tangible progress (other than a lot of documentation), I know that I have made great strides in bringing my framework into the design/development stages.

MMOArchitect has been re-designed from the ground floor to the penthouse and is coming along quite nicely. We (the other team member and I) have really broken functionality out into re-usable components which is making life a whole lot easier for us.

We started concentrating on making the components needed to support the creation of a base server (that could be re-used and modified for other uses). We have design and started coding the logging component (there's a whole lot of functionality here from file based to DBs to streaming) and the XML File handler (which is used to handle our config files and standard XML data files).

The next step is designing a core DB component that will abstract a data layer so we can use any of our supported DB engines without sacrificing the core requirements.

I know there's no pictures or pretty graphics, but we really have accomplished a lot from a flexible design standpoint.

Look for our next post about the core server template, which will bring together our needs for authentication, encryption, scripting (using Noaktree's C# scripting), and networking.

Ta Ta for now!

Eric 'Wackatronic' Tomlinson
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