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Quick update

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I've been working busily over the past week or so. Although I don't have a screenshot, I figure I'd better update to keep myself on track. Here's a list of the changes I can remember:
  • Finished the rosemesh and roseskel loaders and Blender exporters.
  • Rewrote much of the bdf loader with the new text stream utility. This also ended up fixing the mysterious buffer overflows.
  • Switched skinned vertices from local space to object space. It should work more efficiently with OpenGL hardware.
  • Refactored the skeletal transformation code. Its much cleaner now.
  • Dug into Window's Installer (.msi) files. Wrote a *UI* functional installer using Orca (can't actually install anything yet).
  • Played with Windows HTML Help Workshop and generated an initial CHM help file with cute fading headers.
  • Played with LaTeX and wrote some *extremely* initial documentation.
  • Integrated LaTeX into the build system along with preliminary integration for Windows Installer and the Help Workshop.
  • Wrote a Doom WAD archive scanner. There's no support for loading flats or levels yet, but that'll come eventually as its not really a priority.
  • I'm now working on implementing a roseanim Blender exporter and loader, as well as refactoring the animation code.
Hopefully more interesting things to come since I have to get this thing in a reasonable state in two weeks for the end-of-semester jury crits.

The new GameDev layout is like a blinding snowstorm.
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