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## Holy 64 bit lovin', Batman!

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This fucking beast runs like a CHAMP! I've been monitoring the internal case temperature and it stays around 29~31'C. The CPU temp resides around 32~34'C while doing normal activity.

I was able to turn Doom3 up to super ultra mega destroyer choade graphics and turned on 16x anti-aliasing. Never choked once. Meanwhile the internal case temp rose to ~35'C. I couldn't check the CPU temp while playing, but after I shut down Doom3 I ran my monitoring software that came with the motherboard (Doom3 isn't alt+tab friendly) and the CPU temp was at ~34'C.

How's that for fucking AWESOME?

:: AMD Athlon 64 3000+
:: 1GB (2x512) Corsair DDR RAM
:: Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-SLI Mainboard
:: eVGA GeForce 7800GT PCIe x16
:: Thermaltake SViking Chassis
:: Lite-On DVD+-RW Combo Drive

The case is nice. It has the cool temp guage up front with two knobs to control the two case fans. Sounds like a vacuum when I turn them all the way up, but apparently I don't need to!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go play with it some more.

By the way, everyone needs to check out this song:
Day of Fire - Fade Away

But don't download it. That's bad ... *wink wink*
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That looks like some sweet kit [smile]

What sort of size monitor have you got it attached to? mate of mine built himself a gaming PC about a year ago, and he reckoned the single most important part of it was the ridiculously expensive 29" CRT monitor. Games just looked better when they were 29", same as movies look better on big screens [grin]


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Only have a 17" KDS monitor attached to it. It's flatscreen, but not flatpanel so I got a huge lunky monitor :(

I want dual 19" flatpanels ... but that's more money than I can spend right now. Christmas is right around the corner though ;)

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