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New shader, new architecture

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Ok, so I mentioned a couple posts back that I had worked on some shaders, truth is, I only finished one of them, the other one is in progress, but it was put on hold.

After much struggling with my current rendering architecture, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and refactor it. The new architecture is somewhat similar to what is more commonly used, somewhat like OGRE in that you can create projects and derive the application class from a set of base classes. This will allow me to prototype different things without having to pollute the main namespace with test code.

I'm also refactoring the renderer to something similar to the one in this book:

3D Game Engine Architecture, First Edition

So far it's going good, anyway, here's the screenshot of my high resolution fighter with a cloak type effect. It looks a little soapy right now, kindof like a bubble, in part it has to do with the cube map I'm using, but I think with some good textures, the ship would look a lot less soapy and a lot cooler.

Click here for full size
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