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true, though there really isn't much to say on it, and admitedly it was developed pretty fast, had to get somthing up there than what was there before, there will also be banners on the footer, just gotta decide who goes on there (wink wink)

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Yup, when gdnet switched designs it created a surplus of dark color availible for websites. So I bought up all of this low-priced dark color and decided to pour it liberaly into a very small site, thus giving you the site we have now.

(the preceding has been a big pack of lies.)

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I don't understand "visit the morningswrath.com". Seems like it should say "visit morningswrath.com" or "visit the morningswrath.com website".

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good catch john, had a lot of trouble with how I wanted to say it, and looks like i ended up saying it wrong.

thanks =)

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