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(long update, not like anyone reads this)

The 8080 core is finished, but I haven't been able to run anyhting yet since I can't get interrupts working :(

I'm also converting totally to C++. I've ripped out all the old C functions(like memcpy and ZeroMemory) and replaced them with std calls. I'm also working one a window wrapper class to cure myself of singletons.

Some pointy operator overloading goodness:

struct {
unsigned char *Pntr;
void operator=(unsigned char *Address){Pntr=Address;}
unsigned char PositionX,PositionY;
void Render(unsigned char X,unsigned char Y,PaletteEntry *Palette,unsigned char Flags){
for(unsigned long i=0;i<8;i++){
for(unsigned long j=0;j<8;j++){
} Tile[0x180];

used to be:

#define GetColour(B1,B2,Index) ((B1>>Index)&1)|(((B2>>Index)&1)<<1)

void RenderTile(unsigned char X,unsigned char Y,unsigned char *Src,PaletteEntry *Palette,unsigned char Flags){
for(unsigned long i=0;i<8;i++){
for(unsigned long j=0;j<8;j++){

I can now just set the tile addresses when the program starts.

for(unsigned long i=0;i<0x180;i++){Tile=GetPointer(0x8000|(i<<4));}

This makes things a lot easier since I can just take the tile number in the maps and just call Tile[number].Render() instead of having to find the address and get pointers.

The 1W1B2 Contest
OK I knew I'd lost after playing some of those games. Not a big deal since I could easily go out and buy that card.

Still everyday that goes by, the thing turns into more of a farce. I know I souldn't attack others games, but seriously some of them shouldn't have been submitted and deserved the marks they got.

"Thermal - Judge G: 9/10 Neat game and cool installer to go along with it."

Rav, if you happen to read this. Getting another judge just to please whiners was seriously lame. 9/10? It's a plane that just goes up and down(hmmm like my game) and some cubes.

I don't even know why we needed the panel of judges. What the fuck happend to the people running the contest? They're giving the stuff away, they should say who gets it.

IMO either "Eat" or "Pierre and the Fish" should win.

As for my game(HeliKool) many people say it's too hard/fast. The reason for that is because when I had people paly test it, they said it was too easy/slow. So I added enemies and cranked up the speed. I was actually going to speed it up more before submitting...

Oh yeah and if you're going to play my game at least read the fucking manual.


The level will continue forever. When you run low on fuel or are too heavily damaged, the game ends since you must return to base. Be aware that if you crash into the terrain you die and you'll get a score of 0.

I know reading the readme won't make anyone like my game, but they could at least stop bitching about certain things.

The Forums:
The new theme is totally unprofessional, it looks like a fresh install of some cookie-cutter forum software. I tried it, but my eyes hurt so I've gone back to using www2. Mabye when they make that dark theme I'll give it another shot. A computer screen is not a peice of paper.
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I always read it (it's in my bookmarks) but I don't always leave a comment. :-)

Nice work so far btw.

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