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So what designs made the cutting room floor?

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Michael Tanczos


Here are some of the designs I made that never made it out the door. The color scheme pretty much had to be the blue you see now. Though the process of picking colors is a considerably difficult task. Ideally I would like to see a good balance of colors.. I think a few highly contrasting images / colors will bring life to this design.

Old designs that never made it (or were close):
Design 2 (after Dave's initial)
Design 3
Design 5 (after Kevin's very light design, considered as too artsy)
Design 6 (too awkward to use)
Design 7 (menu covers banner ads, not good with flash)
Design 8
Design 9

Designing for this site is a difficult process. You have to take into account many screen resolution sizes, browsers, preferences, etc. And to compound matters.. you have to get 6 very opinionated staff members to come to an agreement on a single design. THEN you need to get the moderators involved and tweak things here and there.. THEN you open it up to the public on a small scale (which was generally pretty successful). THEN you open it up to the public at large, which has been met with quite a few scathing comments. While I'm not totally satisfied with the design that was ultimately applied to the site as a whole, I think it will get there over time. Hope you enjoyed looking through the recycling bin.. =)
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Maybe it would be good to bring outside artists to do sketches and designs for themes. I know it's not cheap, but if you don't have artists on staff it can at least give you more ideas. The only thing I can say about those batch of themes is that it's an evolution of ONE concept not many.

It would be possible to combine subelements of multiple competing designs too, so even if an entire concept gets axed, there are still things to learn from it.

That said, I still like the new design :) I guess the only complaint is the black one light gray in the forum.

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I like the use of the darker blue in places... but I had a bit of a laugh at the titlebar though - "GameDev.net: All your game development needs (are belong to us)" [lol]


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