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Getting off my butt and thinking of doing somethin

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Since I've been doing mostly nothing for the past month, taking it easy, and enjoying life on the dole, I felt that it was time to pull myself together, skip hibernation and start looking for jobs.

I also decided to not look for real jobs just yet, and work for the video games industry, or a.k.a. Hell On Earth. Am I crazy?... Everybody around me is asking the same question. Hell, I guess I am. Let's say that I'm just I'm passionate, driven (by my lazyness mostly). Seriously, I don't really see myself doing any other jobs. I'm not exactly a graduate programmer, I hate electronics with a passion only rivaled by my hatred of cats, and as a matter of fact, I LOVE my job. Love coding, I just hate going to work.

Well, I guess I'm crazy then. To prove my point, I'll be spending a week in the UK, doing the Travelling Salesman thing, doing one, possibly two interviews a day, trying to be cool and fit the 'young hip, dynamic, and definitely not a nerd', to secure that darn dream job. Selling myself has never been my forte. I always feel like I'm trying to flog a dead horse. Not exactly the kind of attitude they are seeking.

OK, I've got a confidence problem when faced with intimidating strangers, who are often smaller than me, and female. Not to the point of peeing on myself at interviews, I'll leave that to when I retire.

hey, I guess I finally found my sensitive side here! And I can see where this is going... Better stop before it's too late!

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Welcome to Journal Land!! and have some + as a greeting..

Wishing ya well with the job hunting and, hopefully, it's not gonna be as bad as ya think it'll be!.

I rated you up to highest level but...it didn't make any difference I'm afraid

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