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Lets all say hello...

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My name is Aidan Walsh. I am a 21 year old programmer, currently spending my time between repeating a year at college, and my 40-hour a week part time job as an administrator (IT guy, they call me) for a local hardware store owned by a not so local global conglomerate.

I have been a member of GDNet for some time now, and though I am not a games developer, have enjoyed the community enough to warrent sticking around. I'm not sure if I have really been of benefit to the community, though I have tried where I could.

Anyway, thats the initial stuff out of the way, so what am I going to be writing about here then?

Well, at the moment I have a couple of small projects running, as well as one major one.

The major project is building upon my third year collage project, which was the idea of a cross-platform suite for deploying software. As well as providing methods for getting your software to users on different operating systems (the main goal at the moment), I am also looking at existing methods on all platforms with an eye to adopting and adapting them to suitable use on each targetted platform. More on that when I have it, or need advice.

Looking down the line to some of the weekend projects, I am simply working on getting myself online. As well as that, I have decided to fork a popular project, one which should be of interest to quite a few people around here [wink] I hope to be able to tell you all about that one in a matter of weeks.

I'm going to try to keep this journal as technical as I can, though I'll usually flag pretty well if I am going to diverge. I can only hope I what I write will be of enough interest to keep people coming back [grin]
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Cheers guys, it feels good to be here. Didn't want to come without anything to say, I'd only be turning the place into LiveJournal otherwise [grin]

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