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I know, but it is not about that, I am upset that GDNet has given up their default look. What is in a look? Plenty. I care about how the default site looks to people when i post them a link to www.gamedev.net, I want this site to still be somthing that looks unique by default and somthing I am proud of, and currently (I know it is still changing, etc.) www.gamedev.net is not it, so I am just making sure my oppinion is known (i've sent an email too =D). I want black back as the default.

The black skin you posted is very good (far more style in the nav bar), but it needs to be the default.

I am angry because GDNet has flipped their default because they 'THINK' it is what is best, and I dont ever remember getting a questioneer.

Sure GDNet is not a democracy, but if they want to be a dictatorship, they will get the uprisings assocated with that too.

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