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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates, I got caught up in the whole "dont be productive" fad, and I didn't do anything this weekend until today.

Today I programmed a modular component system that Mark and I will use to create the vehicles in our next game tentatively titled: Tank Game (I know, it's genius). I'm pretty excited about the whole system, it worked out really well, and gave me some good experience with STL.

Since I have nothing better to do, I'll walk you guys through the system. Each vehicle is made up of 3 main components, the chassis, the turret, and the guns.

Component #1: Chassis
The chassis is the main "driving" part of the vehicle, and contains information like how fast the vehicle can go, and how quickly it turns. The chassis also has a rating of how heavy a turret can be placed on it, so while a chassis may be fast, it wont be able to have a large turret(and therefore a large gun).

Component #2: Turret
The turret goes on top of the chassis, and holds the weapons of the vehicle. The turret holds data pertaining to the types of weapons it can hold, amount of space available for ammo, and how fast the turret can turn. Turrets can also be equipped with more than one gun (ie. a large slow firing cannon, and a small fast machine gun).

Component #3: Gun
The guns are mounted on the turret, and hold information about their caliber, firing rate, recoil, etc. Guns of similar caliber use the same ammunition, which come in many different types, each one suited for a specific type of target.

These components are all defined in "libraries" of parts that can be put together to create a new vehicle that can be used in the game. We hope that creating new vehicles will add "cool" points to our game, and as an added bonus, the system can be used on anything else in the game, which allows us to quickly prototype new features and will (hopefully)really speed up the content creation phase of the project.

I'm hoping to have a GUI-fied version of the vehicle creation stuff done soon, and as soon as I do, I'll post a demo of it for you guys to screw around with.

Anyways, I apologize for the lack of new screens, but they looked the exact same as the ones before did, so I figure I wont waste the bandwidth. Talk to you guys later.
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