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Turn off the lights!

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So, this extended weekend away from school brought out the extreme lazyness from me programming wise. As much as I love going home (away from college), I have a horrible habit of turning my vacation time into making others happy time; ie: "Helping the mom fix things", "Helping the brother set set up a new computer I built for him", and spending time with the girlfriend. Which is good I guess, but homework gets pushed away and more importantly I don't get to code all too much. I vow to do nothing but set up a christmas tree, buying a few gifts and programming my entire christmas break.

Well, what did I get done you ask? Lets just say I'll be glad when I don't have any projects for school to complete and the winter break hits.

I started working with directsound last weekend and this weekend I basically reverted back to what I STARTED doing last weekend (last weekend I scratched my project about 3 times). So, most of what I think that needs to be in my class should be there and its now time for me to build a world to test some things in. I swear, the toughest thing when it comes to reading tutorials out there is the terminology gap, and I have a horrible habbit of using tutorial code without "thinking" in depth how, what they were doing at the time, was done.

In other news. I snagged my christmas money early this year and I decided to finally pick up a PDA for myself. I should be getting it this friday. I've been wanting a PDA for quite some time now, but I have never had the money to throw down on it (I have expensive tastes and I'll save money before buying something cheap). I have a lot of great things planned for ways to abuse this sucker! Recently I read about somebody that uses their PDA for a personal dictionary for all the game development jargon, which could ONLY help me find a quick and barney style defn. that I define in my own way.

One last note.

The tattered note headlining this journal is here for the sole purpose to show the staff my feelings toward the new template. Its main purpose is not to start a flame-war in my journal, but to consistantly present my stance.

Don't mind the art, its my first actual time doing the entire image by hand. Didn't take too long and I don't think its too shabby. Serves the purpose. :)

Take care everybody and I hope the best for everybodies Thanksgiving break!
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