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Freezer 2:
I still can't work up the will to finish the final cinema scene. I'm going to do that real soon then polish up the game and shove it out by the end of this week. Get ready.

Amazing Future Project:
Getting the yaw-pitch-roll stuff for my first person view sucks, and so do first person space sims. I'm going to turn it into a Flatspace-style view and it will be more of an homage to Escape Velocity (more commodities trading, but it will be less dry than in that game -- wars, etc will affect the economy and so will the proximity of resources).

The gameworld will be procedurally generated from a random seed with stars, resources, systems, quests, planets. However, the economics and politics will be created from a pair of XML files that can then be modded (including the random seed to generate the universe).

According to this page, my blog is worth $0 because I don't link to Weblogs, Inc. pages very much.

Well, except for this. I want one!
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