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Phase one

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Delphi was way out of the scope of something that I could and should be working on, and a friend really helped me realize that. So isntead we are working on a new version of our original game, Tuss Toss.

The lowdown: Being programmed in C# with MDX as the graphic, sound and input API of choice. The old game used C++/DirectX also, but the graphics used DirectDraw. Now we are updating to Direct3D for its obvious benefits. Some new features are going to be added that we had originally included in our design. These include some new blocks, some new graphical features, and the ability to create custom levels.

The work has been broken down into 8 phases. We are currently well on our way into the first: Content conversion. This basically is a phase where we take all the art my partner made and convert it into dimensions that can be used for textures.
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