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Violin WIP

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Well I've been busy with schoolwork, but I've managed to fit in time to do a bit of modelling. Here's a violin in progress. The texture isn't finished but you get the idea.

I've been working mainly in Wings3D while using Blender for secondary things like flat/double-sided sufaces and rigging/animation. The one problem I've been having working between the two is getting texture coordinate information into Blender. Wings exports 3DS files correctly with UV coordinates, but Blender just can't seem to load them. I may need to write my own 3DS importer just to get some integration going.

I started playing with Erlang to make some native exporters for Wings. It is certainly the most unusual programming language I've encountered so far. I'll probably play with it some more over Christmas since Wings exporters aren't much of a priority.
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Neat, but the texture needs lots of work. It's lacks detail and is blurry. Are you going to add the strings of the violin (as a alpha blended texture)?

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Yeah the strings will be done in Blender as a two sided face with an alpha texture. I've also modelled the violin's bow which still needs to be textured.

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Well, now I'm really confused as to why your game needs violin models.

Do they have El Mariachi style machine guns inside?

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You should be confused; the game doesn't really have much of an aesthetic direction yet. However, its an adventure game so any kind of rustic object would be useful if only to add character and detail to the environment. Actually, I have a "jury crit" at the end of semester (in just over a week) and I wanted to have a character playing the violin, complete with some music. I thought it would show off the capabilities of the engine (like mounting the violin and bow to the character's hand bones) as well as some initial content production work (a simple violin melody and some animation). Anyway, the game still has a long way to go before it will have any kind of cohesive form.

...but your violin machine gun idea sounds funnier. :D

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