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The sky is progressing well, I've got the clouds working I'll attach some screens below (of course :grin:). I'm not doing anything too fancy, just some billboarded quads, that are animated. I use the blending information in the texture, to provide the transparency, nothing special.

Next up is the sun rendering. I'm going to write a new system for rendering light sources in my game. I'm going to render all the light source info to a texture, black will be no light...things like a concrete wall will be totally black. Things like a neon sign will be bright green. I'm going to render a downsized and blured version over the scene in an additive way, a few times possibly, to give the effect of a glow around the light source. I've got some ideas how to make this work, so hopefully they'll turn out good.

Anyways, here are the screens of the new clouds....if the scenes look a little boring it's because:
- No actors or vehicles in these screens.
- No sreetside objects in these scenes.
- No sun bloom.
- Static light source position, and sky color lookup.
- No transparency of objects, in the shadow map.
- Problems with window transparency.

Once I finalize the sun/lighting I'll get to work on the rest of those. Once they'll all combined into the scene it should look rather nice :-)

I'll give it under a week.

Here's how the clouds are looking...just let me know if you like 'em or not :-)

- Dan

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Ahhh... What is your stance on weather effects? Are we going to be seeing some thunder storms?

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The clouds add a lot. Will they change color depending on the time of the day? If you're planning to add weather effects you should probably add new types of clouds (rain and thunderstorm ones).
Don't worry though, I won't ask you to implement realtime shadows for the clouds. :-D

Will you redo the night scenes after adding the new light code? Can we expect more or less visible stars at night and of course a dynamic moon (+10% larger drug market during a full moon night *g*).

You've got yourself a nice to-do list there. I'll expect some great screenshots in one week. :-)

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