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A quick update...

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Yes, it's been ages but sue me I've been busy. :)

Caveman Arts went under at the end of October. It was rather sad, especially as the owners Mike and Ev had worked so hard on it for quite a while. So for the past few months I've been job hunting.

Five months experience isn't enough to get me over the 'Graduate' hump but crucially it is five months my friends have been working in industry. The old adage of "it's not what you know but who you know" still applies to the Games Industry and so relatively quickly I lined up three prospective employers, Realtime Worlds, based in Dundee, where I live. EA, firstly in Guildford at the Criterion studios and then a second interview at their Chertsey HQ. Blade Interactive, who are based in Manchester and I probably won't see.

In my experience interviews are pretty fun, although massively draining afterwards. EA in particular are bad, my first interview, including a programming test took four hours on top of the three hour drive there and a four hour drive home (really thick fog on the way back). The second actually took longer as it started earlier, so I left through rush hour traffic and went home through the same! Although the interview portion only lasted about three hours that time.

Will update a bit more frequently as things progress.
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