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Absolutely hilarious

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Muhammad Haggag


For the past couple of hours, I've been reading the first 27 entries on this website. It is:
1) Absolutely hilarious
2) Quite enlightening (Get to know lots about the japanese..umm..culture)

Thanks to capn_midnight for this time sucker.

EDIT: A notable quotation...
...Still working on Kancho Time, I let go of the two boys hands, and with my right hand guarding the front and the left for the rear, I started to manually parry the attacks. I used my eyes for the front, and relied on Kancho Sense(TM) to help me with the back. Spotting an opening, I broke the Triangle Molest Offense and managed to back myself into a corner, literally saving my ass. I now parried the frontal attacks with both hands, but I wouldn't be able to keep this up for long either.

Just out of curiousity, I looked up to see what the other teacher was doing. She calmly packed away her things at the front and casually talked with some of the girl students, seemingly oblivious to what was going on. Take a moment to think about that, if you will. In a classroom you've got a large black man cornered by three Japanese boys trying to shove fingers up his ass and grab him by the dick, while the teacher, less than 5 meters away, casually talks with the girl students about TV or something. ...That's just how it is here.
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That one made me laugh to tears:

I hadn't had any attempts since last April. The ichinensei had just entered jr. high, and one day one boy tempted fate against me. Thanks to my trusty Kancho Sense™ I avoided getting my oil checked, but I realized that if I didn't head this shit off at the pass, I'd have to be parrying them for at least the next few months. So I turned around and chased the boy down. He was surprised, he probably didn't think I could move that fast. I caught him...I restrained him with my left hand, dropped to one knee, put my right hand back as far as I could, said "One thousand years of pain!!" in the over-blown anime style and everything, and prepared to kancho him straight to Hell. The boy was freaked out. I think tears were even streaming down his face. I don't blame him. In retrospect, I can't even imagine - you're a 12 year old Japanese boy being forcibly restrained by a large black man who is bound and determined to penetrate your ass. I would have been crying too.

Thanks for the link.

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