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New Thinkpad T43! But it has 1 dead pixel...

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I got my Thinkpad T43, last week which I bought from IBM.ca with a 10% discount using my Visa:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I bought the bundle with 1GB of ram and the expander case.

This weekend I had time to play with it, and yesterday I noticed a single dead pixel in the lower-middle area of the 14" 1400x1050 TFT display.

This reminds me way back when I was so happy to get the TurboExpress and how heart-broken I was to find a single dead pixel on the screen. I had it exchanged, then a couple of months later two dead pixels appeared. I had to live with it.

Few years ago I bought my old T20 used. Weeks later, I found a dead pixel. It was past the exchange period. I had to live with it.

Now this brand new T43 has a defective pixel. Should I have to live with it too?

I can't send it for warranty service, Levono's site states the warranty covers TFTs with 11 or more defective pixels.

Since its only a week old, its still under the 30 day no questions asked refund period. This is an option, but it means probably I will have to pay to ship it back (expander case too). I'll then have to buy it all over gain.

But what if what happened with the TurboExpress happens again, and I end up getting an even worse display?

Is a 100% defect free TFT expecting too much on todays notebooks? I still haven't decided what I'll do.
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I returned it. Called UPS, they came to picked it up on Lenovo's account. Got my money credited to my Visa a week later. No hassles.

I'm going to wait and see how these centrino duo T60 notebooks work out before I buy it again. There's also the macbook to consider. I'm kinda glad I returned the T43.

Even with the new T60, the Sony SZ and Apple macbook I'm still considering re-purchasing the T43. Its still at a very good price right now.

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