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Hazmat training

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I just came back from my hazardous material training course...

What did I learn? Almost nothing. Just sitting in class listening to some woman talking about different classifications and what to do in case of trouble.

I was expecting them to give me a hazmat suit like the one they gave Gordon Freeman in Half-Life, and then send me through this obstacle course while having to jump from pipes to avoid stepping in a pool of nuclear waste. But none of that happened [sad]

Instead, they told me that in case of a nuclear emergency, I'm supposed to call the goverment agency for nuclear regulations instead of the paramedics.

So there you go: Did you know that if you break a bottle of Ebola bacteria, you should call 911, but if you break a bottle of plutonium, you shouldn't? Moreover, did you know that if you're doing research in computerized proving systems, you are required to have training in handling biosafety situations?
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So, um, I thought you were doing computer science.

Are nuclear accidents common where you work? If so, you should find where the HEV suits are. They're just hiding them from you.

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Now I'm thinking about two things:

1: If Gordon Freeman could talk, do you think he'd ever charge into battle yelling "GOOOOORRDOOON FREEEEEEEEEEMAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNN!!!"?

2: If you broke a bottle of ebola AND a bottle of plutonium, is it necessary to call 911? I mean, the radioactivity might just kill the bacteria, so you'd just need to call the nuclear regulatory agency, right?

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