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More work on Asylum...

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After a long time of wanking and coding mere subsystems to tinker with, I'm finally (only 7 months late) starting work on the second architectural prototype for Asylum. Chances are this one might just form the core of the Asylum game engine. (Speaking of work on Asylum, Meldstar Entertainment is still looking for people to fill certain roles, especially in regards to art.)

I started this prototype by gluing together all the new systems (console, multi-platform entry point, etc.) and then adding in the successful parts (read: application FSM) of the first prototype piecemeal. I'm still working on this bit, as some of the app states need to be modified to properly work with the new systems.

Asylum is still using OGRE for graphics, and Crazy Eddie's GUI for user interface. New middleware includes Gangsta Wrapper for physics, and Open Input System for input (neither of which are used in prototype two yet).

Apart from Asylum, I'm already starting to contemplate following up September's GDNet Toronto Mini-Conference. It would probably be again in late summer (either late August or early September) although the location might change as I'll have graduated from GBC by then. The reason I'm thinking about it already this early is because of a convention I attended this weekend that was, unfortunately, an unmitigated disaster on the level of the Hindenburg (at least, as far as anime cons go). After I get to talk to Julian Spillane again (if you're reading this, Julian, e-mail me) perhaps some details might coalesce.
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