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Well, just a quick entry as I'm off to work in a sec (hence the turtle icon!).

Last night I quickly changed the skins for the player shuffler, enemy shuffler and puck so they finally look different... I could play with them all looking the same but it sure as heck confused my girlfriend... so I thought I'd take the professional attitude and get it sorted straight away (too often I will leave things like this until the last minute!).

I haven't done anything on the AI yet as I also had to fit in a driving lesson.

I have however, spent the day working out hwo to incoroporate the madness of madlibs and I think I've got it :)

each level (or perhaps set of levels) will have a dictionary of words, players will also be asked to enter their name which will be used in the selection of words available for the level.

Each bout will be a fight over who gets to put the next word into the madlib, as such, the computer will randomly select a word and display it to both players. The players will be able to collect a pickup that moves to the next or previous word, a powerup that enables a weapon which can be used to destroy other pickups and possibly a few other pickups for variety (such as split ball, super speed, etc). The game will then be a battle of trying to collect pickups to get the word to change to the one you desire to fill the madlib, and destroynig with weapons the pickups that might be advantageous to the enemy getting their choice of word into the madlib. Upon scoring the word is set for that mad-lib slot and is attributed to the scorer, with the highest scorer winning!

So yeah, I think I'm a bit happier with that, though perhaps there should be a little more bonus for scoring. Anyhoo, I'd best dash to work and I'll keep working on it. I'll also try and post later today on my lunch break when I'm not in such a rush!


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