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## Tomorrow

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So tomorrow being being December 1st, I'll have a special cool little something for my journal. Here's a hint:

I love Christmas.

I've done no work on FART, though I should as I promised I would get fullscreen mode in, and lock the cursor in the window. It only black screens for some people (???) too.

I've done no work on Lazteroids 2.

Basically my whole time has been spent doing nothing but playing games on my new rig. I've had a shitty PC for so long, i'm taking this time to catch up on the games I've missed out on, such as Doom3 and Half Life 2. I'm also playing a bunch of World of Warcraft.
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Enjoy Half Life 2. Don't waste your time downloading the original off Steam, though - dreadful game.

Half Life - jump from room to room waiting to die.

Half Life 2 - battle your way through gloriously rendered scenery, fighting an intelligent enemy, with lots of variety, a gripping plot, incredible AI, graphics and music. And CS:Source.

I didn't much like Doom 3, though. Quake IV is very similar to it, and I didn't like either TBH.

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WoW is still a major part of my life, mainly because I found some of my friends wh oyou would never think play, play WoW, I have found the balance though =D.

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