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My weird life

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If, in 1999, I wrote up my predictions for the coming millennium, the following would not be on my list:

I will be invited to appear on Fox News twice, once in November 2004 and again in November 2005. I will also be invited to be on a "swap your family" reality television show. I will turn down all three offers.

Yet it happened. The universe is a weird friggin' place.

And no I ain't gonna get more specific on 'em. Speculate away.
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But.. but.. do you not see? It is your time! You must ascend and receive your 15 minutes of fame, if you do not the universe will keep bugging you about it by offering you more spots on fox...

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I can see turning down a reality show *pats John on the back*

Seeing as you've received attention previously for your Shatnerology, I'm placing my bets on that for Fox

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OK, here's the scoop. fOx news wanted him because they wanted to expose his crumb cake recipe. They had this full expose' planned and were going to ambush him in the studio. "And the secret ingredient is... PEOPLE!!!! IT'S MADE OUT OF PEOPLE!!!!!"

He got invited on a reality show and found out they were going to have a beer drinking contest. At first he was all pumped about it but then found out that they didn't have any Schlitz so he backed out.

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Oh I'd love to see you go head-to-head with Bill O'Reilly. But after some thought so would his producers. It'd be awesome if you asked him to arm wrestle.

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