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I'm a lean mean dirty sonofabitch biker!

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First motorcycle session today. Oh boy, it was weird. A mixture of deep apprehension, and excitation. Track stuff, that was cool. Very cool. I got some lean too, and the good instinct of looking waaay ahead in the turns.

OK, now going in Neutral around a corner, not very clever.

Taking the clutch for a break lever, less cool, especially in third gear braking.

Using the horn without even noticing, that was amusing.

Plodding around cones at Low speed, now that was nasty. These things are so heavy and unstable, it felt like it just wanted to keel over and die. My arm on the inside of the turn would suddenly have a fit and seize, thus preventing me to do any kind of semblance of turn. My foot would suddenly go to ground thinking "hey, my leg can stop that 180 kg monster to fall over!". Er... no.

All in all, a mixed feeling. Like a first day on a snowboard or a bicycle. It just takes practise to get over the fear. I felt like a retard though. Looks easy, but it's definitely not as easy as I thought.

I'll get the confidence going at high speed that should help me with the low speed. Or so my deluded self thinks anyway. Something hasn't clicked yet, but for the first two hours, I can't really complain.

Plus, it was raining, cold, but that never bothered me, never got in the way of the enjoyment. Then I just KNOW I'm made for bikes.
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Nice stuff. I've only had one real chance to drive a bike, and the first thing I did was run it into a bush (things got a lot better after I got done laughing over that one, though). I'm a scrawny little cuss so controlling a bike takes a lot of concentration and balance for me. At some point I'd like to actually properly get into it, and maybe actually own a bike, but that'll likely have to wait until I hit middle age and pack on a few dozen pounds.

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I've got an old '90 Kawasaki Ninja 600 that's on its last legs but it served its purpose as my learner bike for the past year and a half. Riding is great fun, and the fuel economy is awesome (i get 48mpg), everyone should do it!! [smile]

Yea those cones are indeed a pain, I had to thread them for my road test. Luckily my friend, who got a bike before me and taught me everything, let me use his mom's little 250 Honda which was really light so that made it easier. and yes, clutching into a turn is not a good thing. I did that once and almost ran straight into a curb [lol]

Just be aware of the fact that you will fall. Everyone falls, you just have to hope you're going really slow when you do :P I've tipped over twice - once crossing railroad tracks in the rain, and once on dirt in the middle of an intersection, both late at nite so no traffic. Both like 15mph or so, not a serious cut or injury from either. My friend tipped over just pulling out of a freaking parking lot and my other friend tipped and slid on sand on the road by the beach. Neither of got hurt at all tho - make sure you wear your helmet and proper boots/pads (jacket mainly)/gloves.

Oh and stay off any road paint when its raining - that stuff is really slick when wet.

Respect the machine and have fun!

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