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Recently a few friends and I purchased a dedicated server, and are now running loads of stuff on it. We've got a counter-strike public server (onfiar.com:27015) running (although we use it for matches sometimes until we can be bothered to sort out two servers).

So I've got a new journal now, which is available at http://asztal.onfiar.com/. The main site aggregates everyone's blogs, and is available at http://onfiar.com/.

I also intend to put stuff up at http://onfiar.com/~asztal -- but it currently it's just a (pink) under construction page.

In other news, I'm considering removing the pink look from my journal, since I've proved to myself that

  • It can be done
  • It does look cool

and, unfortunately, it looks awful on www2.gamedev.net. If anyone knows of any ways I can make the pink theme available only on www.gamedev.net, I'd like to know [grin]
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