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Shortly after I posted the thread concerning my shortness of memory :p a friend of mine who regularly emails me funny or painful videos sent me this

So that pretty much put a damper on my night since I was in a similar accident, but worse, like 12 years ago while off roading with my father (he used to race sprint cars and baja before he went into the Air Force, and now regularly goes to NASCAR races to work with pit crews behind the wall or something like that). The last thing I remember was the ground coming at my window.

Anyway, before my change in mood, I was working on some simple power controls for the GPC expansion slots.

Still needs work but it is a start.
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yeah, I can see how something like that wouldn't be pleasant to see (especially if you were younger at the time). I think everyone has some "incidents" in their lives that are traumatic, though auto accidents really are the worst.

to cheer you up, considering your windows pains, and my procrastinaton during finals week, I have dug into my collection and brought up this which describes your situation quite well.

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Aww, crud, they disabled hotlinking. I suppose I shouldn't have direct-linked though :)

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You realise that you're posting a 1600x1000 BMP file on the internet, right?
Saving that as a gif file gives you 88.1% compression, and as a png it gives 93.6% compression.

To be more specific, you're using 15.5 times more bandwidth that you could have been using, without loss of any information.

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so... *hick* I owe you a journal post, and I'm doing it drunkencaitlin style!!! except I spell betttter :PP

You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!!.. ok maybe you can =/ so here goes: you scare me :(((( *looks at the diagram and starts seeing flying pink hippos*

scary pink diagram hippoesos with and/or switches :((

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