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To be continued....

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(I'll explain this later, lunchbreak almost over!!)


- Player only collision objects to stop player from moving inside their goal? (or maybe we allow full freedom of movement instead?)

- Set a collision object at 1 puck radius distance behind the goal mouth that upon collision resets the puck and shuffler positions and adds onto the appropriate players score

- Add bitmapped fonts to display score/player name and current madlib word

- Add particle spark effects when puck hits wall

- Add randomly placed pickups within specified rectangular region that appear at a specified minimum distance away fro the player plus a random amount (ensuring that pickups don't spawn underneath a player!)

- Add collision flash when objects are hit by weapon fire

- Fix sounds to play more reliably (possibly caching multiple copies of a sound for when it needs playing in quick succession which DirectShow seems to suck at)

- Work on A.I. system - add goals, player stats affecting AI style/difficulty, etc

- Add menu system

- Add varying game modes

- Fix physics hiccups if possible

- Create more interesting arenas/pucks/shufflers

- Fix the camera positioning and make mouse movement relative to the view rather than relative to the world axis
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